Cristiano Ronaldo Does Illegal Things In Training!Stormy Predictions

Cristiano Ronaldo Does Illegal Things In Training!

Cristiano Ronaldo Does Illegal Things In Training!

Of the 48 goals he scored in La Liga this term, 41 of those (85 per cent) were netted with a single touch, while 43 of the 48 (90%) were converted inside the box. Ten (21%) were penalties.

while 12 (25%) were headers – a career high for Ronaldo – and only two were scored from free-kicks (4%). And both of those came in the last few weeks of the Liga season as well, following a frustrating few months from dead-ball situations – once a speciality of the Portuguese.


Looking solely at the stats, CR7 looks much more like CR9 – a traditional centre-forward. But back in his first season at Madrid, when he actually wore the number 9 because Raul was still at the club, the numbers were different. In 2009-10, Ronaldo scored 26 times in La Liga, with only 61% of those coming from his first touch, while just 12% came from headers.

That season, Ronaldo also netted eight times from individual strikes he himself had created – something now virtually redundant in his game, even if he has converted almost double the amount of goals in 2014-15.


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