25 CRAZY Man United Goals 2020/21!Stormy Predictions

25 CRAZY Man United Goals 2020/21!

25 CRAZY Man United Goals 2020/21!

Breaking record is a title to fame of Cristiano Ronaldo – and today could see him accomplish his most noteworthy award to date. Regardless of scoring more than 100 goals during his time at Manchester United, Ronaldo would score just the one hat-trick.

It came against Newcastle in the Premier League. Cristiano Ronaldo scored from a glorious streaming move and book finished the hat-trick with a free-kick and a fortunate.

After transferred to Madrid, Ronaldo’s first hat-trick came against Mallorca. It was to be his just hat-trick of the 2009/10 season.Cristiano Ronaldo is making scoring goals look simple at Real Madrid. A considerable amount has been said in regards to his form as of late where he oversaw seven goals in nine matches in all competitions. Since the start of the pre-season, the Portuguese international scored just one goal against Manchester City. On the off chance that the pre-season form are considered, he oversaw only one goal in eight matches,

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