Cristiano Ronaldo has been AMAZING in 2021!Stormy Predictions

Cristiano Ronaldo has been AMAZING in 2021!

Cristiano Ronaldo has been AMAZING in 2021!

We have often seen the media going crazy about sudden wardrobe malfunctions and slips in front of the camera.

On one episode of the show, the show’s beautiful presenter was talking about Cristiano Ronaldo. She was wearing a racy white dress which revealed her midriff and probably left her viewers sweaty. And that was probably the reason her tiny slip got noticed.

Something similar happened with the Barbara Francesca Ovieni, when, as a result of an accident, the Italian news presenter revealed her underwear while talking about Ronaldo. Ovieni hosts a football show named Rabona which is aired on Italian television.
While talking about the Real Madrid player, she was fidgeting with her skirt. She was sitting on a high chair, her legs crossed. While reading her lines during the segment on Ronaldo, she decided to rearrange her skirt, just like women usually do to make themselves more comfortable.


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