20 Minutes of Greatest Football Comebacks Ever

20 Minutes of Greatest Football Comebacks Ever

liverpool will need a match winner at
some stage tonight mo salah
is as good a candidate as any in red
first leg separates them and here’s the
first early opportunity
for diego costa which might just focus
one or two liverpool minds defensively
that focus never tall minds because.

alexander arnold firmino want to save
brilliant from overlap reflexes didn’t
know a great deal about it but he kept
it out
i don’t know whether femino gets
so much better than they were in the
wonder metropolitano three weeks ago
gets away from him still going salah
twinkling feet.

all he needed was the finish and he was
in shizuoka
alexander arnold brilliant
that’s a deeper one towards him from
alexander arnold
while he was trying salah shoot
oh black hole john high line being held
by them all offside fletch
well it’s gone in but the flagships well
there is the drama
sally guess they’re off the bench
they’re celebrating but they’ve lost why

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