A day in the life of Cristiano Ronaldo

A day in the life of Cristiano Ronaldo

Fabiano that doesn’t mean notice own
llamada tus amigas a male
well as those alavés trabaja key was at
Red Rock lucky donde la tienda .

here I’m a performer you know tol’vir an
illegal we perfume Cristiano Cristiano
Ronaldo legacy now Lego Mike a lot a
collage for myself on the various a
careful Wow Patroni how much photo yeah
hello to myself,

hi guys I’m here dudes a little bit of
bike with Christiana here and it’s rate
meal we done with the ice cream now it’s
time to ward baby
well suppose Donovan in the blasts
departmentís enshrines deserve stuff I
talked to Bob I devote ariana Schwartz
I’m sorry aptitude

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