Brunos Fernandes Ridiculous Goals That No One Expected

Brunos Fernandes Ridiculous Goals That No One Expected

send it, I’ll take it to open an account at
head why can you help me
very very good players for all
I like attention what a great goal.

14011 how sensational that Bruno
Fernandes had only two goals
possible alternating will be highlighted that
the red ones and to take when touching the
rain Nico.

he return at night Paulinha the Fernanda gang
great tea brought the bridge there and already
lunch I think I’m already over for
another Fernandes the same is a format of
away and bake cake in 42 minutes comes to
distance Bruno Fernandes to allow the
Sporting the way I say that
if automatic from the Golden era of Record
generous Bruna Karla not
I know who watched her furthest
won go
say all the
usual suspect and here’s why
Look, this productive force, I think it’s me
I’ll do it, I won this year
that the starry spoon and
Fátima is behind Umbu and Teixeira
space to boot tried the shot i
I’ll take the goal David angle
Teixeira the trunk of your victory
Thank you on the pitch and the ball goes to the
top right angle of the goal of the
Vitor now I’m leaving now close
it’s just going to get to someone to go out to
another applicant to 7 also the

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