Mason Greenwood Is One Hell of a TALENT

Mason Greenwood Is One Hell of a TALENT!

the struggle for roma to get beyond diax
in the quarterfinal cavani
bruno fernandez manchester united take
the lead.

yet another goal for bruno fernandez
the passing neat intricate
and precise and a precisely finished
miscue by gecko cast off arriving
and roma claiming there was a handball
car stop.


certainly appealing for a penalty it
will be looked at by var
the protests continue
drilling the ball against pogba the arm
in an unnatural position
roma have a sound case
pellegrini to level and he does just
big moment in so many ways
mkhitaryan it’s a beautifully flighted
pass by mkhitaryan
and erin jekyll has walked the ball in
what a turnaround
pogba it’s a good attempt
it’s come to one bursaka
paul lopez flying across his goal to
make the save but
it could also be at some cost
roma already minus jordan vera 2
forced off injured
well that was risky far too risky
it’s a brilliant save by marante but the
goalkeeper was helped out in the end
fought by pogba cavani
bruno fernandez cavani what a goal
manchester united level
bruno fernandes juan basaka
cavani follows up
too much sting in the initial shot from
aaron juan versace
antonio marante couldn’t hold on
rashford cavani

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