Scott McTominay vs West Ham Performance Review

Scott McTominay vs West Ham Performance Review 19/09/2021

right this time he goes for the shot
swinging corner dominic got his head to
it and it’s in
it’s a first ever fa cup goal for him
and manchester united have lift off in
their latest cut crusade
instead by will hughes they might still
come here up towards goal and
almost off the line.

the bake mata wonderful play stopped by

racing towards the edge of the penalty
area into the box it’s rashford
strike it with any real conviction wise
cold air
chattering team olly gonna soul shot
aside eventually get there they are into
the fourth round
of the fa cup.

with a lovely finish and liverpool take
the lead
fantastic four for greenwood can he
rashford motoring through can he finish
superb finish
and his finish was precise

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