This Is Why Cristiano Ronaldo Have World's Biggest Fanbase!Stormy Predictions

This Is Why Cristiano Ronaldo Have World’s Biggest Fanbase!

Ronaldo will most likely have more fans in countries like China India or USA just … Cristiano Ronaldo is a one of the nations biggest stars and national identity. … every country in the world as he is one of the most famous athletes on this Planet! … the largest fan base of one of the greatest football players of this generation.

Well, I think this can be tell you by Mark Zuckerberg who knows every details about the fan page of both facebook and instagram.

But for this question I would like to go with the most populated country that is China and I’ve seen in insta that every year Ronaldo at least once go to China for the visit.

So, because of this I think he has the most fans in China.

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