Most INSANE Games of the Year 2020Stormy Predictions

Most INSANE Games of the Year 2020

Why create a sports video game that actually resembles the sport when you can instead use your insomnia-induced hallucinations to create an unforgettable gem?

The innovators behind the games on this list have decided to spice up a plain old sports game by adding crazy characters or modifying the rules.

Trolls play football, frogs are abused, and robots dominate the sports landscape. Let’s took a look at games that suckered in fans and blew their minds.

We will see attempts at creating sports of the future, sports of fantasy and the craziest combinations ever produced.

Honorable Mention:

Cyberball, M.U.D.S., Powerball, Killerball, Deathrow, Hyperblade, Swimmer, Grave Yardage, Brutal Sports Football, Battle Golfer Yui.

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